OK Camps

Children & Youth Camps

We feel that camps are very important in the spiritual development of children and youth, so we sponsor children’s camps for students from 1st grade through youth. 

Children and youth are encouraged to go to camp and learn creative ways to celebrate God’s love for them.  The church pays one-half of one camp per church member.  Camp sign-up occurs in the spring.

We offer many excellent camps through our church, the district, and our conference:

  • Family Camp (all ages) 
  • Grandparents Camp (grandparents and grandchildren) 
  • Wilderness Camp (4th-8th grade) 
  • Sonshine Camp (2nd-3rd grade) 
  • Growin’ in Grace Camp (5th-6th grade) 
  • Junior High Camp (7th-8th grade)
  • Senior High Camp 9th-12th grade)
  • Youth Leadership Camp (9th-12th grade) 
  • Youth Force (10th-12th grade)