Questions About Our Church

Our church has three services of worship for you or your family’s convenience.

Our Sanctuary services are at 8:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. and these services incorporate traditional hymns of our faith, chancel choirs, hand bells, organ, and orchestral music.

Pastor Shyloe O’Neal is the principal pastor for our Sanctuary Worship.

Need a modern worship service? Our Moment Service meets in our Christian Life Center (CLC) at 10:45 a.m. The Moment Worship is where the best of tradition meets the best of today.

Pastor Shannon Davis is the principal pastor for The Moment Worship.

Where Do I Park?

We have three parking lots with spaces available for those with mobility challenges. There are a number of spaces right off Main Street, to the east of the church and a parking lot just north of the church as well.

How Do I Enter the Church?

There are multiple entry points on the north, south and east sides of the church. The main entrance to the Sanctuary is located on the southeast side facing Main Street. Entry to the Moment Service is located on the South West corner. All entry points have automatic doors for wheelchair access.

Where are the Sunday School Classes?

School with NO tests, we promise. However, it is the place for all ages to learn about the word of God and to get to know some really good people! This goes for kiddos, junior and senior high students to adults 20 to 120. We offer class options for single and couples and have multiple classes that can fit your specific need. Click here to find a class that works for you and your family.  See you soon!