The SPRC is very excited to have announced that Pastor Andre Contino has been reappointed to Moore First.

We are so thankful for both Pastor Thomas and Pastor John and their time with us as interim pastors with our church.

As Reverend O’Neal asks in her video (click here for video) she hopes that you will have her and her family in your prayers during this time of transition.

Reverend O’Neal would like to begin meeting with groups within the church prior to her arrival. If your Homegroup, Sunday School class or other group would like to ensure a meeting, please let me know so that we can be sure to get you connected with her. We encourage each of you to remain engaged with all the activities and changes that are going on in the church.

We encourage you to ask questions when you have them of the pastors and the leadership of the church. As we heard in Pastor Thomas’s sermon know the truth of how wonderful each and every one of you are in this body of Christ and in the success of Gods missions.

Listen for your calling and please speak with our pastors about ways you can be involved in the church.


The Church Leadership